Local Artists

Local artists know their work is much more than a product. It can be a representation of a community, region, or idea that is meant to make an impact on the beholder. Much like you shop at a local coffee shop, bakery, or hardware store, it’s important to support local artists. They, too, are working people, and their efforts are dedicated to creating something their neighbors will value.

Whether you’re visiting 16 Springs or you’ve been a long-time Otero County resident, here are three important reasons to show support for the area’s artists:

  • Their Work Embodies Your Region: Many local artists seek inspiration from the people, land, and culture that surrounds them. When visiting your local gallery, you may find some of your favorite spots have been reimagined and captured by the artists of your area.
  • It Brings The Community Together: Art brings people together. No matter how personal values and opinions differ from one individual to the next, everyone can foster an appreciation for art by taking the time to experience the work of people in their region.
  • It Fosters A Consumer-Artist Connection: With today’s mass production, there is rarely an interaction between the consumer of a product and those who have created it. When you meet with an artist at a gallery event, however, you have the opportunity to connect with the person who created the work. This is also advantageous for the artist, who gets to fully understand the impact their work makes on people.

If you’re a local artist and you want to showcase your work, reach out to us!